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Robust IT infrastructure is an important investment. Your company can not afford downtime, or having your budget spiral out of control.

At PSM IT Solutions we pride ourselves on our services and our ability to advise on, and support, the technology to drive your business further.


Maintenance of computer hardware is often overlooked until a problem arises. A simple and affordable maintenance program can be designed to ensure your equipment functions efficiently and minimises the risk of downtime. We recommend a maintenance schedule based on when and if it is needed and do not try to implement a blanket schedule that is either unnecessary or ineffective.
As an example many PCs, Notebooks and peripherals have cooling fans that expel hot air. To achieve this, they draw in air through various vents and in doing so mimic the function of a vacuum cleaner, depositing dust, hair and other nasties inside the equipment. A simple cleaning process to remove the accumulated dust and other nasties can prevent overheating and corrosion that can result in the failure of internal components.
PSM IT Services can provide a maintenance service across a broad range of IT equipment from basic peripherals to large multi-function printers, PCs to Servers and everything in between.



VoIP Solutions

VoIP/SIP Communications platforms involve providing voice, video, fax, instant messaging and email communication over an IP network. The aim of VoIP Communications is to simplify and integrate all forms of communication with a view to optimising business processes, reducing response times, and eliminating device and media dependencies.

VoIP/SIP Communication is not one single product, but a group of integrated products (such as IP telephony, instant messaging, email and e-fax) whose features act to increase business and employee efficiency and productivity thus providing a reduction in operating costs not to mention the call cost savings compared to traditional PSTN phone lines/systems.

We can explain the differences between the various technologies and recommend providers and equipment that suits your situation and budget with ongoing support available.



IT Support

With the rapid changes in technology for computer hardware and software becoming more and more sophisticated and prevalent, management of these increasingly complex systems require a large investment in both time and training. The costs for the customer to acquire the necessary skills inhouse is often unjustified.

At PSM IT Solutions we are able to offer you expert advice and latest information to give you peace of mind that your system is appropriate, reliable and well managed while remaining cost effective for your business.






Networks LAN/WAN

Networks provide the pathways that data and communications travel and link resources necessary for a business to function in the technology based world of today and into the future. Stability and redundancy are factors often overlooked especially in smaller organisations. We have the tools and expertise to test your network and advise on any shortcomings or issues. A simple upgrade to a minor peripheral or a modification to settings can sometimes make a substantial difference in the performance and reliability of your network. Advice on redundancy options can also give piece of mind should hardware fail.

From small workgroup networks to larger domain networks, ADSL and NBN internet services, PSM IT Services can advise, configure, test, upgrade and maintain as well as supply the necessary equipment.

Infrastructure Design

We Design the layout and manage the installation of all of your critical technology spaces, network & server rooms, server room layout and requirements.

We plan for the installation of cabinets, cables, shelving, cable management as well as monitor, maintain and coordinate service for technology areas, security systems & all IT cabling and racking systems, evaluate and provide requirements for all networking needs.



Software Support

Software basically makes a computer useful and of course has become the tool necessary for a business to function. Whether it be basic office software or complex design software PSM IT Services can assist with installs, upgrades and troubleshooting. We specialise in both PC and Server based software licensing and with over 25 years experience supporting Autodesk CAD software, installs and licensing issues can be resolved quickly and effectively.

Attempting to find right software that performs a certain task or caters for specific needs can be both time consuming and frustrating. PSM IT Services can learn about your situation and take the guess work out of finding a solution. We narrow down the alternatives and then recommend a software package to trial so your expectations can be confirmed prior to purchase.




PSM IT Solutions provide IT consulting to businesses throughout Australia, to advise businesses on how to best use Information Technology to achieve business objectives. We apply a strategic approach to your IT systems taking into account IT requirements of today and tomorrow, to facilitate you business growth.

Our extensive experience in corporate IT environments ensures that we can accurately advise and manage IT projects from initial planning stages right through to complete deployment on behalf of our clients.






Back up & Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is another critical function that, on occasions, is overlooked until disaster strikes. We can recommend methods and resources that provide a cost effective disaster recovery plan that incorporates reliable and affordable backup systems. The all-important questions are asked .. how long can you afford to have your systems down? .. what would be the cost of losing XYZ data? … can you recreate/reacquire XYZ data if it was lost? Your systems may not be mission critical but a disaster recovery plan and an effective backup system is essential for any business.

An effective backup and disaster recovery plan does not have to be complicated or expensive but it can save you from an expensive failure or loss of data.




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